The New Testament Church of Cedarville
1120 Long Pond Rd.
Plymouth, MA  02360
Senior Pastor:
Dr. Paul Jehle, Ed.D
Executive Secretaries:
Mrs. Alice Munafo
Mrs. Michelle
Office Hours:
Sept - June:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 3:00 pm
June - Aug:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Mission Statement

As a ministry of The New Testament Church, The New Testament Christian School's mission is to disciple Christian families who desire to be trained in a Biblical world view. Thus, the entire call of God upon The New Testament Christian School is set within the call of God upon The New Testament Church of Cedarville (see the brochure entitled GOD'S CALL UPON THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH).  We want our family and student body to consist of those who desire to be internally governed by Christ so that they can fulfill their calling and destiny in advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.



We take seriously the Christian heritage we have in Plymouth County.  We encourage our families and students to take advantage of their local history and to work as volunteers in serving our community.  Plymouth, "America's Hometown", is 102 square miles with a population of over 50,000 year-round residents.  Located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is both a commercial center and summer resort, drawing over a million tourists each year. The village of Cedarville (in the southern part of Plymouth), has grown tremendously over the past ten years.  It is our desire to model a philosophy of education based upon Biblical principles so that the lives of our young people can inspire others to seek to follow the Lordship of Christ.


Admissions and Enrollment

We are an independent, private, church school that utilizes a Christian curriculum for grades K-12 that applies Biblical principles through the academic disciplines.  We do not accept any form of public subsidy, and depend totally on tuition and gifts to carry out our mission.  We accept families from all religious backgrounds who desire to have their Biblical values upheld openly in the classroom.  Families need to belong to a local evangelical church, but we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or initial student achievement levels.  



We utilize classical elements in our curriculum where Latin is required for two years in junior high, and logic, elocution, rhetoric and apologetics/debate are taught as part of Composition and Speech in high school.  Our courses are designed to be taught at a college preparatory level.  Some electives and technical skill classes are offered when possible.



We offer coed soccer, boys and girls basketball, and coed track at a junior varsity level for grades 7-12.


Graduation Requirements

On a 4 credit scale  (215 minutes per week), a minimum of 80 credits are required for graduation, and up to 100 credits for college-prep Commencement (credit requirements are adjusted for incoming students where legitimate):


16 credits in Composition and Speech

16 credits in Mathematics

16 credits in Science

12 credits in American History, Govt. & Economics

12 credits in Bible

8 credits in Physical Education

8 credits in Foreign Language

6 credits in English Literature

6 credits in American Literature

4 credits in World History


Grade Explanation

A+   99-100 Superior Work

A    97-98

A-   95-96

B+   93-94   Above Average

B    87-92

B-   85-86

C+   83-84  Average Work

C    77-82

C-   75-76

D+   73-74  Below Average

D    67-72

D-   65-66

F    0-64  Failing Work


Academic disciplines are weighted as to their credit value and grade point averages are on a 4.0 standard scale for transfer and college placement.


Portfolio of Students

We have had a total of 118 graduates from twenty-four classes. Most have gone to higher levels of education.  The Class of 2015 (3 students) enrolled in the Stonehill College (MA), University of Massachusetts, Boston (MA), and Pensacola Christian College (FL). Senior classes over the past seven years have averaged 600 in Verbal and 525 in Math on the College Board SAT.  Students in all grades score at least 11 months above the national norm on the Stanford Achievement Tests.  About 28% of the student body consistently achieves honor roll status (95% average or better).


Administration of the School

Dr. Rodd Rodriguez, Principal

Mr. Allan Turner, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Michelle Chiaramonte & Mrs. Alice Munafo, School Administrative Secretaries

Dr. Paul Jehle, Founding Principal & Senior Pastor

School Board 2015-2016

Mr. Duncan Lowe, Chairman of School Board

Mr. Dan Enos

Mr. John Krim

Mr. Chuck Lindberg
Mr. Michael McManus

Mrs. Jackie Pierre

Mrs. Cheryl Tonello

Mrs. Virginia Turner


Open Enrollment for Families and Students: Applications are being accepted now for student candidates for the 2015/2016 school year for Grades K-12.   Please contact the school office (508-888-1889) for an information packet. 

School Information Packet

A Biblical Approach to Christian Education (Power Point Presentation)

Why We Operate Our Christian School (PDF)










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